More Ramblings and a Continuation of Last Week …

Down another pound … woot. Walking was going good until … I got to the trailer for Canada Day; now all I want to do is sit with my feet up and do nothing. Before I came to the trailer I prepped all my food so that I would stay on Weight Watchers … box of chicken breasts cooked with a little sauce … check, lettuce cleaned … check, a dozen eggs … check, WW bread … check, everything I need for my week organized. But, I also have the Canada Day cheat food, too … hotdogs, s’mores, chips, beer. My kids and I get to the trailer and put all the food and beer into the fridge … we celebrate and have a campfire and roast our hotdogs. When we get up in the morning the fridge had stopped working and all the food was room temperature. WTW!  Into the garbage all my food went. Needless to say, I have been living on the bag of chips that were left behind, the cans of tuna (I brought just in case), and cookies. Not a good week. I can’t go into the grocery store with the dog, so I can’t get more food … and she freaks if I leave her alone. Oh well, home in a few days, and back to eating properly. At least I still take walks to the beach with the dog.

Last time I mentioned that I had joined an online dating site. I sent the picture my daughter took to my brother … he liked it … so, I posted it. I then sent a message to the guy who wanted the pic and informed him that it was there. When you are a paid member you can see who views you … he viewed me, and that was it. I have since removed that picture ( I didn’ really like it to begin with), and will try again later. My daughter did suggest that after every 10 pounds I lost I should update that picture, I’ll try that too. I’m not in a hurry either, thank goodness, my brother told me it took 6 years to meet his love, another friend told me it took his mom 4 years to meet her fella, and so on. At that rate I should be retired and using a walker! That means I should drop the age range I have to a younger guy so he can help me … lol.


It’s been a while …

Well, it’s been a while since I have logged in, it looks like January 24th, 2018 was my last entry. I was in my second week of Weight Watchers and was down 7.6 pounds. I have not given up, I am still following Weight Watchers (WW), and I am down 45 pounds … not bad, I had hoped for a bigger loss, but at least I am still going in the right direction, down! Some days were hard, I wanted to eat everything in sight, and sometimes I did; that probably explains why I am not where I thought I’d be … oh, well. Slow and steady wins the race, so I’m told.

I also started walking, not because I wanted to. I had other plans for my summer: go to the trailer and the beach, put my feet up, catch up on my reading, be lazy. Walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day was not on my radar. However, I was roped into joining the Virgin Corporate Challenge, they needed one more person to make a team of 7. Since I had done this for the past 2 years, not without challenges, they figured I was an easy target. They harassed me just enough … I said yes. Thirty-four days into this I have put on 500,000 steps and shoot for at least 5 miles per day … sometimes 10. depends on my mood. The weight doesn’t fall off faster, but I can feel my legs, butt, and stomach becoming more toned. Now, I just need to work on arms, neck, and other body parts that walking just can’t help.

With all this success in the weight  loss area, I decided it was time to try the dating game … again. But, how does someone my age (58) go about doing that. It’s been 34 years since I’ve had a first date. The bar scene … not (that’s how I met my ex), the gym … not, yoga … maybe, just getting out and about to the different events in my area … that’s hard too. I talked to a few friends at work that have just been through this dilemma themselves, and this was how they met their new partners and love of their life’s. Online dating. Really??? Okay, so even my ex found his new gal online (Of course, that’s a whole different story).

I went to one of those online dating sites. Sign up to be a member is free, so, I signed up. Searching through profiles is free, so I became a creeper and started to view the different profiles to get a feel for what was out there before I made the commitment. For 2 weeks I creeped and viewed. Then, I made the decision to just pay (in American) for 6 months. Up side, now I can creep, view, send and receive messages. Down side, I need a profile picture … not ready for that one, please give me time to lose another 20 pounds before I upload the dreaded picture. I am not a photogenic person to begin with, I do not have a good side, and I just hate having my picture taken. I will put this off until another time, when I’ve lost that 30 pounds.

Low and behold, someone messaged me, “Post a picture.” I respond back, “I am waiting for one of my kids to take a picture … selfies are crappy.” “Use a timer,” he says. I’m like my phone has a timer?? I start to think maybe there is hope … maybe this could be the start of a beautiful relationship, but, he wants to see what I look like first … shoot! This is not The Voice where the judges don’t see, they can’t judge you on your looks, they can only  judge you on your voice.

I agonized for days over this picture. I took like a 100 selfies, I tried everything … I just don’t have a good side. I look in the mirror and I saw something completely different than what’s on the camera. Yikes, I’m in trouble.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet. I straightened my hair, put on make-up, and a scarf to hide my 58 year old neck. My daughter and I went outside, and she took pictures of me. We decided on one. But first, I need another opinion. I sent it to my brother to see if he approved.  He liked it. Yes! Next step … upload.

To be continued …

Rambling Along

Second week of Weight Watchers … done. According to my scales, I am down 9 lbs. and according to WW scales, I am down 7.6. I wonder if that means that my clothes weigh 1.4 lbs. … humm, guess I’ll have to weigh them.

I started off week 3 not too badly, I was craving pizza after the WW meeting (on Saturday), so I ordered one from Metro (grocery store). They actually have good pizza: their crust is the perfect thinness, nice toppings, and a wood stove oven … yummy. Since I have proclaimed Saturday as cheat day–a day when I don’t count points, I actually did pretty good, I didn’t overeat (to the point of making myself sick–I have done that in the past) and I still had a snack that I wouldn’t normally have during the week. Success, I think so!

On Sunday, I decided to make one of the WW recipes that the Facebook group has been raving about. One sheet, balsamic chicken and roasted vegetables. And yes, it is something to rave about. And so easy. Here is the link for anyone interested:

That was such a success, my kids loved it, that I decided on Monday to do another recipe that the WW group was raving about: The Big Mac Attack. The leader on Saturday said that she had made this and that her house smelled like Big Macs. So, Monday, I got the ingredients together:

  • 1 lb. extra lean ground beef
  • 1/2 an onion, chopped
  • dill pickle slices or chips
  • 6 slices of sliced cheese (I used Black Diamond Fat-free slices)
  • Pillsbury reduced-fat crescents
  • sesame seeds
  • shredded lettuce
  • 1000 Island dressing
    Pan fry these together.
    Spray a 9×13″ pan and pour the beef mixture in. Spread evenly across the bottom.
    Place the pickles on top of beef mixture, then the cheese slices.
    Roll the Pillsbury reduced-fat crescents over top (in one sheet), then top with sesame seeds.
    Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.
    Serve on top of shredded lettuce and 1000 Island.
    1/8 serving with dressing is 8 sp.

Sounds simple. My house did not smell like a Big Mac … probably a good thing. It was okay, but really nothing to rave about. I was still starving after my 1/8 serving that I had another serving (without the crescent). To me it certainly was not worth the point value. My son thought it was okay, but he’ll eat anything as long as he doesn’t have to cook it. I will take that one off my recipe list and find something new and exciting to make next week.

I Like to Ramble On

The first week of Weight Watchers is done and behind me. Saturday was weigh-in, so before I went to the Saturday morning WW weigh-in and meeting I decided to weigh myself at home … just checking, down 6 pounds. At the meeting, I was down 4.4 pounds. Hummm, but last week our scales were within ounces of each other. After weigh-in I was off to Sarnia to be with my teammates (Team Mission Slimpossible) for the Fox FM Weight Loss Challenge. Well, according to their scales I was down 3 pounds. Three different weigh-ins, three different weights, how confusing is that?

After all these confusing weigh-ins, my sister and I headed off to Port Huron for grocery shopping. I like to go there because they have different products then we have here (Canada). This time I got: sugar-free ketchup, sugar-free bread and butter pickles, sugar-free bbq sauce (these are all 0 points), sugar-free Pillsbury cake mix (when I checked the points value against the regular mix it was like half the points for the sugar-free), and so many other less than 2 points food. All of which will hopefully make preparing food more fun. I am armed and prepared for week 2. So I think!

Sunday … what can I say about Sunday. It was supposed to be day 1 of week 2. I got my journal out and planned my meals for the day. Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices of turkey bacon, and 2 slices of WW bread, a nice 4 point breakfast. That changed pretty fast to turkey bacon, pancakes, butter, and maple syrup. I counted it … too many points. Then there was  chips for snack and for dinner: pot roast, gravy, potatoes … which were planned, but not as much as I ate. Then I ate cookies and more chips. By the time I was done I had consumed all 23 daily points plus my 42 weekly points. Darn! Funny thing is that while I was destroying my day I felt myself sinking back into my old ways of negative self-talk and becoming more depressed. It was all I could do to stay on points on Monday and again today (Tuesday). But, I have to, I cannot let down the team … we want to be the biggest losers.

More Weight Loss Journey:
I have struggled with my weight all my life and here I am at goal weight and still thinking I am fat. I look in the mirror and I see that fat girl, I try on clothes and even though they are size 2, 4, or 6, I still think I need to be in a smaller size. I keep smoking and drinking coffee in hopes of losing more weight. It is almost Christmas (1981) and I am down to 95 pounds. My friends are concerned, of course, but I tell them it is okay that my mom is a great cook and baker and I cannot resist eating what she cooks. True to what I say after the holidays I am up 15 pounds and my friends minds are put at ease. I do go down to 95 again, but it does not take long until I meet the guy I am going to marry and my weight starts going up. Then down because we are getting married. Then up because I am pregnant with my first child, then down, then up … well, you get the picture. Yo-yo!

However, in all the times that I have gone up and always go down. I never stop trying and one day I will reach that goal and stay there.


More Ramblings

Last week I wrote that I had joined Weight Watchers (again). I had my daughter take “Before” pictures of me, which will never get posted, well, maybe once I hit goal weight I might want to brag, but until then … the pictures stay safely on my phone. I went to my first meeting this past Saturday. I was set up with an account and had my first weigh-in. No surprise on my current weight, I was 5 pounds heavier than what I thought, but that’s okay, I have to start somewhere. I’m not going to post my weight, it is too high. Geez, I’m not giving anything away, am I?

Today is day 3 of healthier eating and I am pretty motivated. This new Weight Watcher’s (WW) FreeStyle (FS) program is quite a bit different from the PointsPlus (PP) program. On PP I was allowed 28 points per day (for my weight) and an additional 49 points for the week (to do with how I pleased). On the new FS I’m allowed 24 points per day and an additional 42 points for the week. On the plus side, one of the nice things about FS is that I can save 4 of my 24 points for the day and carry it forward by adding it to my additional points, so, if I have a special event (cocktails with the girls) I can build up extra points for that. On the negative side, most of the products are higher in points, ie. a snack size bag of Lays chips (28g) was 4 points on PP, on FS they are 5 points. I know that’s only  1 point, but when 4 points have been taken away from your daily you sure do stop to think about eating them. That being said, they did add to the free list (which they actually call 0 point list): protein (chicken breast, 99.9% fat free ground chicken,turkey, 99.9% fat free ground turkey, fish, shellfish), eggs (whole, whites, substitutes), plain fat free yogurt, beans (black, kidney), lentils, tofu, peas and corn.  And all of this means … I needed to buy a new food calculator.

I have not tried to create any fun dinners yet, I’ll wait until I am more familiar with the program and make sure I lose weight. There are a ton of new recipes to try, and a few good sites to go to for them. One site is:, I’ve been looking about this site and see a few interesting recipes that I am going to try.

A little more about my weight loss journey:

So, it’s the 80s and I’ve moved back to Ontario, in with my parents … that didn’t last long. My friend, who had left Sarnia and moved to London to go to The University of Western Ontario, was chomping at the bit to have me come live with her. Two weeks at my parents and off I go to London. Trying to find a job was not easy, the best I could do  (at the time) was cashier at Dominion Grocery store. Downfall, they were only willing to give me like 6 hours a week, can’t live on that. My diet still consisted of cigarettes and coffee. Living with my friend was fun, I met lots of other people (one married my cousin). However, London didn’t last long either. I needed a job!

Back to Sarnia where I got a job as a waitress (not a very good one, but a gave it my all) and a second job at an asphalt plant weighing trucks in and out. Living in my parents house was okay. I worried all the time about putting back the pounds that I had taken a year and a half to lose. I’ve got to admit, my mom was a great cook and her baking was to die for. She believed in desserts after every dinner meal. She also believed in deep frying. How could I even try to maintain the weight I’d lost, no much try to lose more … I was in big trouble. I resorted to throwing out the lunches she packed me because I knew there was still dinner to be eaten. I lived with them for nine months, until I was laid off from the asphalt plant.

It’s January 1981 and off to London I go (again)t. This time to school, Karen Hall Careers, to learn keypunching. It’s the 80s, remember, and keypunching was big .  I learned how to read punch cards, I don’t remember now how to, of course. I moved back in with the same friend I had lived with the year before. We shared a one bedroom apartment. I was back on my cigarette and coffee diet once again. Within 3 months I got a job at the University in keypunching. I was still at Karen Hall Careers and finished top of the class. I was finally at goal weight, but in my mind I was still fat.


I have decided, not unlike others, to share my journey in weight lose. I am a slightly overweight, or according to BMI, I am a morbidly obese person. Okay, so when I say it that way you probably get this image of a person who can barely walk five steps, but I can, I can actually do ten steps. (lol)

Today, I joined Weight Watchers … again.  Weight Watchers is not new to me, nor am I new to Weight Watchers, I am a lifer. That’s right, a lifetime member. I know Weight Watchers like the back of my hand, which honestly I don’t know so well. However, they have changed their program … again. It is now called the Freestyle Plan, what does this change mean? It means that they have updated their free food list by adding protein (chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish). That may not be so bad, foods that I don’t have to account for besides fruits and vegetables. But, now I need to buy a new calculator and food guide books because they have changed their program … again.

Not only have a joined Weight Watchers … again, but I have also joined a weight loss challenge team. The challenge lasts 10 weeks, that’ a nice Kickstart to my weight loss program.

Now for a little of my weight lose history, some should relate to this. When I was a kid, let’s say about 4 years old, I started to gain weight. My mother tells me that there really was no reason why I should have started to gain weight, I didn’t eat any more than my skinny siblings, but I guess my metabolism decided it was time for me to live my purpose as a person who struggles the rest of their life with their weight.

In public school, in the 60’s, the other kids didn’t ridicule me or make fun of my weight, except for Ricky. Ricky was the only other chubby kid in our class, but I realize know that he was only projecting his lack of confidence in his chubbiness onto me, I think that’s what the psychology people would tell us. Anyway … I never really thought of my weight as a problem until I was about 11 years old, that’s when my dad and brothers started to make jokes about me. You know the usual rhymes like: “fatty, fatty, two by four, couldn’t get through the bathroom door,” or this one, that my 2 brothers came up with, my initials were BLS, well in their minds that translated to “Big Lazy Slob,” ingenious, right? In response to all of this I learned a little rhyme myself, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Really!! That’s some kind of denial happening right there.

When I turned 14 years old (the 70’s), my mom came up with a great plan, she and I would join “Weigh Rite” and she would help me lose weight. Because didn’t I want to look good for high school? Thus began my journey into weight lose and yo-yo dieting. I hated being on a diet, but mom made all the proper meals for me, I didn’t have to do anything, and the weight came off, and yes I did look great for high school, I even got myself a boyfriend, it was short-lived and so was the new slimmer version of me.

Before I knew it, my weight started to creep up, but mom, always on the watch for this, would start to make me my “Weigh Rite” meals to bring my weight back down. I didn’t take too much responsibility for my own weight, hey … I was a teenager. And this is how it went, for 2 years anyways, my weight would start to creep up and mom would make me my “proper” meals. But, she couldn’t do this forever.

When I was 16 years old I got a job …  at A&W as a car hop (we’re still in the 70’s here). This combined with having my driver’s license equaled never being at home under mom’s watchful eyes. Back in the 70’s A&W had the best fries, Coney Fries, and when you only had to pay half price for them, well you can imagine, oh and don’t forget the half price TeenBurgers. Needless to say, my weight ballooned to the highest it had ever been in the 2-1/2 years that I worked there.

1979, I am 200 pounds, do not like living at home anymore, want my independence, and have had enough of school (I have my grade 12 diploma, what’s the sense of going to grade 13 if I’m not going to university). So, much to the disappointment of my friends (not so much my family) I made the decision to move from Ontario to Alberta … Calgary that is … a start my life on my terms, whatever those may be. I lived in Calgary for 1-1/2 years and lost a lot of weight, not because I had learned how to eat properly on the “Weigh Rite” diet, but because I didn’t eat.  Black coffee (my aunt won’t let me use sugar or cream because those are extra calories I didn’t need) and a 2 pack a day smoking habit helped me stop eating.

The 80s, contrary to what people believe, was a great decade, for me anyways. I moved back to Ontario (homesick, maybe a little, but mostly because I missed partying with my friends) slimmer. Funny thing is, in the 1-1/2 years that I was gone all my friends had also moved on to college or university in different cities.

To be continued … because I can’t tell you everything at one time … this is supposed to be a page turner.